Our solutions

At BetMakers, we design solutions that that drive success for racing and betting industry stakeholders.

Pari-mutuel Solutions

Through our Global Tote division, we deliver cutting-edge pari-mutuel betting technologies and services that set the standard for the worldwide pari-mutuel betting industry. 

Quantum™ Tote Engine

Our Quantum™ tote engine is the world’s most widely deployed pari-mutuel betting system for a reason. Robust architecture, a large and expanding menu of pools and bet types, and a wide range of flexible integration options help make Quantum™ the tote betting system of choice for major racing and betting enterprises all over the world.

Global Commingling

Leading commingling capabilities and 24/7 turn-key services allow partners to maximise liquidity by combining with massive international betting pools. We provide the technology behind the wildly successful World Pool and, with our toolkit of advanced protocols, are able to deliver commingling with virtually any licensed partner. 

Betting Terminals

We have deployed tens of thousands of betting terminals worldwide and we design terminal software that uses data to enhance the user experience and drive revenue. We channeled our experience into the creation of our BetLine series of devices, available in a range of configurations to support any betting operation. 

Global Tote has an expansive global footprint in the Americas, Europe, and Asia where our pari-mutuel solutions are helping propel the racing industry forward.

Bookmaker Solutions

Bookmaker solutions offered through Global Betting Services power betting around the world with a comprehensive technology and service suite that is flexible, technologically advanced, and quick to scale up. 

Managed Trading Services

Our Managed Trading Services (MTS) offers global content, player strategies, 24/7 support, and leading pricing technology. Choose either our fully-outsourced risk and trading solution or our customized SaaS pricing and risk management package.

Fixed Odds

We combine price management and automated trading strategies with a proprietary rating / pricing model to offer the most extensive coverage available, monitoring and analysis, and automatic, simultaneous management of prices across markets.

Platform Development

Our custom-branded digital platforms are designed to be universal but also flexible enough to be localised to specific client needs. Our global team of UX experts have delivered more than 55 platforms for clients all over the world, for fixed odds and tote betting.

Form and Content

Our Form and Content services deliver full race fields, silks, runner information, detailed form, speed maps, enhanced race informatics and stats, and more. We also provide full coverage of antepost markets including industry-leading form and silks.

Racing Bodies Solutions

Global Racing Network delivers advanced content, data, and integrity solutions to international racing bodies including rights holders and regulatory authorities. 

Content Rights Management

We help rights holders access new revenue by expertly distributing their racing content to established betting outfits as well as those in emerging markets, both domestically and internationally, for fixed odds and tote betting.

Racing Services

Our racing services help make the daily conduct of racing easier, more streamlined, and more accurate. Our services include Racing Vision to stream racing content from every continent, 24/7 Race Day Control services, and Official Price.

Integrity Platforms

We provide powerful tools to protect both stakeholders and the sport. Automatic price movement and betting pattern tracking, instant cross referencing, built-in databases and libraries to flag and record anomalies, and other specialised tools help provide actionable integrity information.